We're here to help highlight your most confident, beautiful self.

What we do

When you're looking for a last-minute service, Retreat offers you premiere services from our carefully curated partner salons, at your convenience.

When is a good time to get on Retreat?

  • When you're looking to squeeze in a manicure between meetings
  • The instant you want to get out of a beauty rut
  • The moment you decide a 7am blow-out (an hour from now) will help you give the confidence you need before that big pitch
  • When you have 30 minutes to prioritize self-care

Balancing between inner and outer beauty, Retreat is the fresh, new way to look and feel beautiful.

Who we are

Retreat is a platform that allows you to express your beauty in a variety of ways, when it suits your schedule best. At Retreat, not only do we believe in the balance between inner and outer beauty, we also value your time and your hard earned money. Book at our premier partner salons, at your convenience, without having to pick up the phone. We are the fresh, new way to look and feel beautiful.

Retreat. #findyourbeauty